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Byways of Steam - 30

Steam Locomotive Depots in NSW: Griffith; From Paperboy to Train Operator; K200 - The English MailRoving Traffic Officer; The British Australian Oil Company; The British Australian Oil Co.'s Rail Tank Wagons; Tulloch's Phoenix Iron Works

Eveleigh Press, Australian MODEL RAILWAY Magazines associate publisher, is releasing another book on railway operation. Our well-known team of authors is again involved in the publication. Although a book on prototype operation, all subject matter relates to modelling, especially the operation of a prototype based model railway layout.

Byways of Steam 30 features 176 pages with essays on:

Steam Locomotive Depots in NSW: Griffith.
The feature essay in this volume is Ray Loves coverage of this steam locomotive depot, which was located in the south-west of the state of New South Wales. Once again, in fine detail, Ray covers the history and operation of the depot with material from official files, his personal records, and many interviews with railwaymen. As usual there are many photographs and drawings that cover the steam era right from the beginning. This essay includes a number of departmental drawings of facilities such as the engine shed, coal stages, etc.

From Paperboy to Train Operator: A Tribute to Barry Tulloch.
Ian Wallace presents the life of Barry Tulloch, a member of the famous engineering manufacturing family. From his days as a train enthusiast when at school, and was the Pippita paperboy, to when he purchased and rebuilt NSWR tank engine 3112, which became a favourite on the preservation steam train scene. Included are many photographs from the family album and friends showing Barrys family life as well as his many interests in anything steam, including live steam models. The restoration and running of 3112 are also covered by numerous photographs and detailed comments from both Barry and members of his support team.

K200 The English Mail.
Stephen Halgren explores the conditional train that carried the mail from England between Albury and Sydney on Sundays, when the Melbourne Express was not scheduled to run. The essay traces the history of this train from its inception in 1893 until its demise after World War One.

Roving Traffic Officer: Malcolm Dunstan McKenzie.
John McKenzie shares photographs from the family album which covers some of the many locations his father, a relieving traffic officer, worked over a lengthy career on the NSWR.

The British Australian Oil Company.
Mark Langdon presents his research into the company that mined shale at Murrurundi in the 1908-15 period and the refinery at Hamilton. The essay includes the building of the ropeway to the mine and the railway to the main line at Temple Court along with the locomotive and rolling stock purchased for the transportation of the oil. The illustrations include some of the glass plate images that were unearthed during the research.

The British Australian Oil Co's Rail Tank Wagons.
Complementing Mark Langdons essay, Richard Mathews provides a history of the BAOC's 20 four-wheelers, including their later long and varied NSWGR service. We also have a quick look at some other 2,500 gallon wagons, among them the first four Shell rail tank wagons.

Tullochs Phoenix Iron Works.
A brief photo essay of some of the railway items produced by this Rhodes-based manufacturer.

176 pages, 248mm x 184mm soft cover.


Category: Byways of Steam

Publisher: Eveleigh Press

EAN/ISBN: 978-1-876568-45-0

Published: 01/08/2014

Pages: 176

Format: Softcover

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