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Days of Steam

Well known for his work with the Eveleigh Press published Byways of Steam series and the NSW Rail Transport Museums Roundhouse magazine, Ray Love has been photographing the railway scene in NSW since 1959. In the following fifty years, Ray has not only continued his photographing expeditions but also enhanced his knowledge of the NSW railway system with research from official sources. Interviewing railwaymen from all parts of the state has added to that knowledge.This full colour, 112 page work, will share with readers some of the information Ray has collected. The book is made up of various sections covering specific railway topics, each photo accompanied by extensive captioning. In this first volume, topics include:

  • Mail Trains
  • W44 Concentrate Train
  • 59 Class
  • Bridges
  • Pilots and Bankers
  • Stations and Yards
  • Branch Lines
  • Locomotive Depots and Workshops

Days of Steam is scheduled for release in late November 2010.

The recommended retail price of the volume is $60.00.


Category: General

Publisher: Eveleigh Press

EAN/ISBN: 978-1-876568-78-8

Published: 30/11/2010

Pages: 112

Author: Ray Love

Format: Hardcover

Stock: Available



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