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Essays in Steam

Compiled by noted author, Ron Preston, this 112 page, hard cover book features each chapter with illustrated with black and white photographs and appropriate track diagrams.

This bookshares some of the experiences of the author during his railway career when hecommenced as a trainee electrical engineer in 1956 through the turbulent erawhen diesel traction took over from steam to the period where he was theManager of Works Cardiff in the 1980s. These experiences are coloured by Ron'spassion for railways, particularly the smaller, almost unseen bevy of enginesthat worked behind the scenes ensuring that the NSWR could maintain itspassenger and goods traffic schedules and his pleasure of travelling thedistant country branch line. The coverage is not limited to the NSW governmentsystem alone, for the Maitland coalfields were not far from the author's home,nor is the Queensland Railway system ignored.


The book isdivided into 11 chapters:

A Day onthe Eugowra Branch

Memoriesof Old Eveleigh

A RoughTrip

A Tale ofTwo Garratts

Modifyingthe 34 Class

A FastRide

The AramacTramway

A Day Tripto Yass

FastShunting - SMR Style

A Tale ofTwo Shunters

Days onthe Hawkesbury River Bank 


Category: General

Publisher: Eveleigh Press

EAN/ISBN: 0-646-24591-0

Pages: 112

Author: Ron Preston

Format: Hardcover

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