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Kicked Out Like A Dog

The Turbulent Career of Thomas Midelton

The 1880s were a time of great controversy in NSW, with much debate on perceived corruption within the Railways. To this hothouse atmosphere, the Locomotive Branch was a prominent contributor, with strong-minded individuals vying to make their mark. Thomas Midelton, employed from 1880 to 1889, was one of the most active and innovative, progressing from draughtsman to Locomotive Engineer in just eight years, then falling spectacularly from grace under the regime of EMG Eddy. Kicked Out Like a Dog! traces the course of Mideltons career and the power play within the Locomotive Branch of the NSWGR, illuminating a number of previously vexing questions. It is profusely illustrated with period photographs.

Kicked Out Like a Dog! - The Turbulent Career of Thomas Midelton is a 112 page, soft cover, 210 x 300mm portrait format book with all black and white illustrations.


Category: General

Publisher: Eveleigh Press

EAN/ISBN: 978-1-876568-42-9

Published: 01/06/2012

Pages: 112

Author: Ian Dunn

Format: Softcover

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