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AMRM No. 71 March 1975


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/03/1975

Volume: 7

Format: Magazine

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Backdating Protype's CW7
NSWR CW Cattle Wagon8
Commercial Australian Models - Locomotives11
Practical Points on Turnouts13
VR Class W15
VR W Class 4-6-0 Locomotive15
Garratt Country16
Windows, Doors 'N' Things20
Prototype Plan QR PB15 Class 4-6-0 Locomotive22
QR PB15 4-6-0 Locomotive23
Try This Kit-Bashing Thing25
Simple Timetable, A27
Basic Electronics - Part 528
Corrugated Iron Jig29
Modelling Project VR VLX Van30
VR VLX Louvre Van30
Dungowan Church35
Church, Dungowan - NSW35
Lesson in Adaption, A37
Building Papers - Concrete Brick by Candemah39
Atlas N gauge 26' chemical tanker. Supplied by J & J Hobbies39
Atlas GATX 94' tank car in N gauge. Supplied by J & J Hobbies39
West Otways Narrow Gauge by Norm Houghton. Published by Light Railway Research Society of Australia39
Steam Panorama Second Division. Steam Action Vol.6 12 mono recording. Produced by Steam Action Productions39
Sherline 1000/1100 3 Lathe by Ronald Sher. Distributed by Australian Model Craft39


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