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AMRM No. 85 July 1977


Category: AMRM Back Issues

Publisher: SCMRA Publications

EAN/ISBN: 0045-009X

Published: 01/07/1977

Volume: 8

Format: Magazine

Stock: Limited Stock



Prototype Trackplan Port Stanvac13
A Home For Your Model Railway by C J Freezer. Published by Peco Publications & Publicity, England16
Comrails Kitbash17
NSWR S Class Open Wagon19
Prototype Plan NSWR S Class Open Wagon19
Station Building, Little River - Victoria21
Little River, Victoria21
VR N Class 2-8-2 Locomotive22
VR N Class Locomotive22
Prototype Plan CR CL Class Diesel Electric Locomotive25
ANR CL Class Diesel Locomotive26
Westminster - London 197729
Elephant Wagons - QR EIC30
QR EIC Elephant Wagon30
Weathering Rolling Stock31
Main South Line, The33
Circus Trains in South Australia - 235
NSWPTC's CR Composite Coach in HO scale. Supplied by Workshop 5 Models41
Panel mounting slide switches. Supplied by Fybren Models41
The Railway Modeller's Guide to NSWR Bogies. Published by Protype41
Wallaroo coal stage kit produced by Sarmod. Supplied by Bridglands Hobbies41
NSWR Z18 tank locomotive kit in HO scale. Supplied by FSM41
Riverossi HO scale Challenger Locomotive. Supplied by Sans Souci Sports and Hobbies42
Builder Plus Semi-detached Houses in HO/OO scale. Supplied by Zimbler Pty Ltd42
HOn3 D & RG Air Dump Gondola Construction Kit by Rio Grande Models Ltd. Supplied by Aspect Models42
Peco Streamline OO/HO Electrofrog Point. Supplied by Sans Souci Sports and Hobbies42
Western Model (Auckland) Figures. Supplied by Martins Ltd42


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