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Goods Wagons of the NSW Railways 1855 - 1905

Continuing its series on the rolling stock which has served the railways of New South Wales, Eveleigh Press now presents "Goods Wagons of the NSW Railways 1855-1905", a 368 page volume which charts the growth of the NSWGR's wagon fleet over its first half century, from just 52 wagons at its inception to over 11,000 assorted vehicles in 1905.

These varied from the humble A and E flat wagons and D open wagons of several types to exotica such as the "Tiffany's Summer and Winter Car" of 1881, refrigerator cars which floated around Sydney Harbour, wagons with underframe made up of gas pipe and imports from the USA made in dubious circumstances. Service vehicles are included, such as water tanks, gas reservoirs, breakdown cranes and workmen's vans.

Wagons construction, engineering and paint schemes are given a chapter, and the various braking systems receive another. The personalities who directed the development of the system are outlined, shedding light on some curious episodes. There is a chapter on each type of wagon or van, photographs of each, generally illustrating a number of variations, and 85 superb scale drawings (at HO scale) of each type and most sub-variants, by master draughtsman Greg Edwards.

This book supplies most of the answers for those seeking to understand the development of the NSWGR and its goods wagon fleet in the 19th century.

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Category: Coaching Stock of the NSW Railways

Publisher: Eveleigh Press

EAN/ISBN: ISBN 978 1 876568 55 9

Published: 01/05/2019

Pages: 368

Author: Ian Dunn with drawings by Greg Edwards

Format: Book

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